Going nude!

Nude is a relative term. By default. Because skin tones differ so everyone’s shade of nude is rather different.

Except as a child, it never occurred to me that the reason why the plaster on my finger or knee was so visible was because there was a rather high contrast between my brown skin and its beige finish. No matter how invisible the marketing said the plaster would be, it was always visible on me.

And as I grew older and relied on editorial in glossy magazines, the nude stilettos on the model, were never nude on me and don’t get me started on underwear. That of course soon became apparent that nude was assumed to be Caucasian so anyone slightly darker never really had their version of nude. Lucky then that more than ever, nude is now being redefined in fashion terms and more brands are recognising all nude. One fine day, it might just be the new normal.


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