Going back to my hoops!

Everybody has a pair of hoop earrings. Well, everybody should. Every shelf in a fashion store seems to have a couple of styles. The whole point of earrings – and jewellery in general – is to add more beauty to a face.

The hoop does exactly that. It’s a classic model that has been around forever.  Remember the trend setter that was Brigitte Bardot? In the 70s they were adopted by punks – who chose between safety pins and hoops – as well as disco divas at Studio 54. Later, female r n b and hip hop stars of the 90s and 00s wore the earrings to further promote their musical and personal style. Remember Salt n Pepa?

Hoop earrings are like pearl studs with attitude. And today we are rocking some! And you? Yay for hoops or nay?


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