Remember that thing called a watch?

Once upon a time, I used to have a wrist watch. I used it to tell the time. From the colourful plastics with the digital clock to the smart brown leather straps, you never left home without it. I remember the revolutionary concept of the watch with different colour straps.

You could even get the straps to match your outfit. Such was the relevance of the wrist watch. You even wanted a cool brand because the little scribble of the name of your watchmaker mattered as soon as you hit your teens. A Rolex was the ultimate dream. And then came the mobile phone. I cannot remember the last time, I asked someone for the time and the looked at their wrist instead of a phone screen.

I cannot remember the last time I looked at my wrist instead of a phone or computer screen to check the time. Our phones are no longer just for calling but for telling time, getting the weather, playing music, watching videos, remote controlling most gadgets in our home, even our meditation guide. Call it nostalgia or old fashioned but I am suddenly missing having a wrist watch. I reckon it could make me stand out and millennials might even ask ‘what is that?’


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