Calm Is A Superpower

Calm is a powerful and generous gift in almost any situation, and best of all – it’s perpetually available to all of us, free of charge. Reactions rival words in their storytelling abilities. Good or bad, your reactions whether negative or positive reveal much of your truth. I have often found that the best way to get to know people is to observe how they treat other people.  And sometimes you will find yourself in trying situations. Such is life. But what matters, is your ability to:

  1. recognize situations that you need not be in.
  2. remove yourself when need be.
  3. breathe and maintain composure.

Your ability to remain calm no matter what the situation is your greatest super power. It allows you to see the situation clearly and to choose (instead of involuntarily react) how you wish to respond with both your words and actions. 

Once you get used to being composed, negative energy becomes a joke and you find yourself laughing at what used to upset you and feeling pity for those whose actions used to annoy you.

Here are 15 tips that could help you find your calm.

1. Spray some lavender

Research has shown that this herb can be  inhaled for calming effects. It's an effective remedy for anxiety, depression, irritability, panic, stress and sleep problems.

2. Find a new perspective.

Change your perspective on the situation; ask yourself why you're feeling overwhelmed. Is this really worth stressing over? 

3. Go for a walk.

 A comfortable stroll can be just as effective as a power walk. The secret is to use your mind, focus on the present moment and connect with nature. Get your headphones, listen to music or stand up comedy.

4. Play soothing music.

Pick music that is soothing with a slow tempo and light instruments. Or an upbeat tune and dance like no one is watching.

5. Meditate.

Meditate in short intervals throughout your day. Relax, relax, relax. There are apps for it.

6. Smile!

When you smile, a sense of peace and well-being develops; simply put, you just feel happy. Try it as you read this.

7. Breathe deeply.

When you feel agitated, you tend to breathe rapidly or shallow. Pay attention to your breath and you will experience instant relaxation. Slow down your breath, and in particular slow down your exhalation.

8. Water the plants.

Gardening and spending time in nature can help restore your attention and relax your body and mind. If you have a garden, simply watering your plants can induce the same results.

9. Write down everything.

Journaling is carthatic.  You can also release powerful emotions, gain clarity and let go. Let go of what you don't need and stop worrying about what you can't change.

10. Stretch.

We all know the stress-relieving benefits of yoga, but if you don't have time to attend a daily yoga class you can still reap the benefits by incorporating a stretching routine into your day.

11. Visualize a more peaceful scenario.

The mind is very powerful; when you visualize peaceful, serene scenes, it invokes calming feelings, as if you were really there. Though visualization our bodies can relax and the stress will melt away. Close your eyes and imagine your happy place.

12. Call a friend.

 Friends who make you happy will help you bounce back and regain your inner peace.

13. Ring a mindfulness bell.

There are mindfulness bell apps. Set an alarm as a reminder to breathe and relax.

14. Don't turn on the TV (or turn it off!).

Don't watch the evening news while eating, and every now and then take a break from stressful, fear-based media.

15. Put your phone away.

You can return that call or message later.

Tell yourself peace is in this very moment. Peace is not in tomorrow's moments, or yesterday's; it's right now. So go on and relax. You deserve it!

Lifevicky t