Pomelo & Lime on the Sunset Boulevard – Eau De Toilette

Pomelo & Lime on the Sunset Boulevard – Eau De Toilette


Sunset Boulevard - A citrus menage. Pomelo, Mandarin, Sweet Orange and Lime. Luscious.

Unisex, handmade, alcohol free, artisan fragrances, that enhances the natural pheromones of the wearer, lending him or her an undefinable allure.

Composed over a two-year period, our handmade craft fragrances are designed to enhance your natural pheromones.

The result, stunning compositions that smell different on every wearer. Lined on a coconut oil base, you can wear it as a hair perfume.

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Handmade in small batches, you have the option of selecting the bottle style.

Choose from one or more of our four distinct blends, opt for a sleek spray bottle or a vintage glass cube with a sculpted stopper.

In the image:

Square cube bottle with sculpted stopper (left)

Square glass bottle with spray (right)

made from:

Parfum, Coco Caprylate, ISO E Super.

Our perfumes come in a sleek black box, with a smooth textured finish. Can be reused as a storage box.


H4.6 X W4.5 X D4.5 cm // 50ml - Cube Bottle

H7.36cm X W6.41cm X D2.65cm // 50ml - Spray Bottle